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Are you a lover of historic maps and are you looking for beautiful wall decorations, historical maps online, or an original gift?

Decorate your wall with an historic map!
MapMyWall offers splendid, digitally printed reproductions of a collection of old historical maps of the countries and continents from the 16th and 17th centuries. Read more

Gerardus Mercator the world's most famous cartographer made dozens of spectacular, highly detailed maps of the world, as it was known at that time, in the service of science. These valuable maps were then printed and bound by Judocus Hondius in Amsterdam in 1607.

This standard work consisting of manually coloured copper engravings was the first one to be called 'Atlas'. Now, 500 years later, the online historical maps have been digitised by the most advanced techniques at a very high resolution.

Reproductions of historic maps for sale
You can now order high-quality reproductions of this unique collection of 149 maps, separately and in 3 different formats, from

Printed with amazing precision on luxurious, strong, 310g 100% cotton-based paper – which closely approximates the original these history maps give every interior a delicate warmth.

The digital 'Giclee' prints are ultraviolet resistant and don't fade over time. According to the latest research, compared to traditional printing, this process secures unchanging colours for at least 100 years.

Jewels of the art of engraving
The marvellously detailed copper engravings were meticulously coloured by hand and are a feast for the eye.

These beautifully decorative historical maps enhance all living or working spaces, studies, conference rooms, hotel rooms and reception areas, etc.

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MapMyWall is an initiative of repro- and art photographer, Johan Geleyns:
T: +32 (0)497 448 699

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Biggest collection of historical maps

Biggest collection of historical maps

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